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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cookies and Creme Cake

Birthdays always call for extra special celebration. This time was no different. My roommate J was having a birthday. Not just any birthday, but her 22 birthday. It needed to be a large celebration. She is also a huge fan of Justin Beiber. So naturally I had to use Beiber colors to decorate this cake: purple and white. Since we had just watched the Bieber movie the night before, I was prepped and ready to make this cake. 

It was rather messy; crushing chocolate sandwich cookies all over your counter (even when they are in a plastic bag) is no clean feat. But something about crushed cookies, even though they resemble flower pot dirt, is tempting to nibble on. Maybe it's a strange sense of wanting to tempt fate: is it safe to eat, or is it going to taste like the outdoors?

In this case, it definitely tasted good

Stirring the oreos into the batter

Dalmatian cakes!! Would be great for a little kid party...

The nice yellow color of cake. See the speckles of oreo in the middle?

Here's where it got messy.

 I used a white frosting to go with this. Even though I hate using it, I had to use shortening to get that ultimate white color. I have to admit that this frosting was incredible--it tasted just like the inside of an oreo!
Lit with candles. So cheerful!

Did I mention I used chocolate frosting in the middle? It was a nice contrast to the vanilla cake. 

You might think that the crushed cookies would either be soggy or too crunchy to enjoy. On the contrary, once assimilated into the batter, they took on the same texture as batter so when they baked, there was no discernable difference in the texture of the cookie and the cake. Would I make this again? Do cookies like milk? The answer to both is yes. And so I'd have to say that this is milk's favorite CAKE.

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