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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Carrot Cake. Just because it's delicious.

Plenty of carrots make this cake extremely moist and dense.

Carrot Cake. Who doesn't like the cinnamon, nutmeg and chewy goodness that a carrot cake provides? Especially when accompanied by a thick cream cheese frosting. Not too sweet, just enough tang to couple the sweetness of this cake.

Carrot cake always reminds me of summer. This happens to be a particular favorite of mine--and my husband's and my grandpa's. In fact, this particular cake we made as a date whie we were still engaged. We went on a hike together and then came back to my apartment to have dessert. I've always been a huge advocate of just making desserts, since I prefer homemade ones to ones that I have had when out to eat. He had started to agree at this point in our relationship. (He agrees even more now, since I make desserts regularly.)

Since it was spring, and since he adores carrot cake, we landed on this one. I'm so happy we did.

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