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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Strawberry Shortcakes

Do you remember that TV show from when you were a kid? Well if you weren't a girl, and you weren't born in the 80's (I just barely made it myself), the probably not. Well, this cartoon has made a reappearance to the toy scene for young girls. According to Strawberry Shortcake is no longer infatuated with sweets and prefers talking to friends on her cellphone, wears less make up and would rather eat fruit than candy. This sounds like a case of the cookie gone Veggi-Monster.

Isn't it interesting the way media is in affecting a kid's future decisions? Here I am, 22 years old and I LOVE cookies. But I also love vegetables, thanks to my dietitian mom raising me to love them. So here's what I think. Turn off the TV and give the kid a ball and a stick and send them outside. Then bring them back indoors a few hours later and give them a huge dessert.

What does all this have to do with Treat Fairy? Well this weekend I had dinner with my fiance's extended family. I met 5 of his dad's siblings and all their kids. If that doesn't call for some serious treating I don't know what does.
So, in a pinch and wanting to make something delicious, that reminded me of summer and huge family gatherings I made STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE. It was a huge success, and even the kiddo's liked it.

The secret: douse those berries in sugar so they get nice and juicy. And whip the cream by hand, don't spray it out of a can. That extra touch makes all the difference.

Mmmmmmmmmm YUMMY!

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